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How to Create Lasting Value with a Custom Home in Columbus


A custom home is an investment and one that requires a great deal of thought. In order to create a custom home with lasting value, there are specific design elements you need to consider. But first, we encourage you to define what value means to you in regard to a custom home. Is it resell value? Is it longevity? In this post, we’ll discuss custom home features that contribute to the lasting value of your Columbus home no matter what your future plans may be. 

Define What Value Means to You

When discussing homes, the term ‘value’ often refers to how much money a home is worth. If you plan to eventually resell your custom home in a few years, you should absolutely consider the resale value of the home and design accordingly. Most if not all of the items on this list will contribute to your custom home’s future resell value.

However, monetary value is not the only way to determine how much a home is worth to you. If you plan to build a custom home in Columbus that you intend to live in for years and possibly spend the rest of your days in, value takes on an entirely different meaning. Your home’s value starts to look like how energy efficient it is, how accessible it becomes as you age, and how often you need to make necessary repairs. 

6 Tips for Creating Lasting Value with a Custom Home in Columbus

1. Choose Energy-Efficient Features

Building with energy efficiency in mind is one of the smartest choices you can make when designing your custom home. High-quality window installments and state-of-the-art insulation options are just a couple of choices that increase your home’s energy efficiency. Investing in energy-efficient features helps your home stay cool in the summer, and warm in the winter, and keeps your power bills low all year ‘round–netting big savings for many years to come.

2. Location is Everything 

Investing in the future value of your custom home also means looking outside of the house itself. Choose to build your custom home in an established or growing neighborhood in a well-developed part of town. Why? If you plan to resell your custom home, the location adds a great deal of value as well as demand. If your custom home is in a popular part of town, both the demand for and value of your home will go up. If you plan to live in your custom home for a long time, you’ll naturally want to choose a community you feel comfortable in and enjoy.

3. Build with Accessibility in Mind

Open-concept staircases are all the rage in home design right now, but consider how a young child, a person with a disability, or a senior might navigate them. A zero-entry home is a type of home design that features a level entryway into the house, with no step or barrier between the entrance and the exterior grade or the interior of the house. This means that there are no stairs or steps to climb in order to enter the home, making it accessible to people with mobility impairments, such as those who use wheelchairs, walkers, or have difficulty walking.

Zero-entry homes are also sometimes referred to as barrier-free, stepless, or no-step homes. They are becoming increasingly popular in new home construction, as they offer greater accessibility and convenience for residents of all ages and abilities. In addition to the entryway, other features of zero-entry homes may include wider doorways, lower countertops, and grab bars in bathrooms, all of which make the home easier to navigate for those with mobility challenges.

Whether you built with your retired self in mind, future homeowners, or future generations, keep accessibility top-of-mind when building your custom home.

4. Incorporate Multifunctional Spaces

You love options and having the ability to choose exactly what you want. Why else would you be considering your own custom home? This is why we encourage homeowners to include multifunctional spaces in their custom home builds. Multifunctional spaces grow, change, and evolve to fit your lifestyle over the years. What starts as a pocket office transforms into a homework space for the kids. Your open-concept kitchen where your family hangs out during the week effortlessly becomes the place you entertain guests on the weekends. Multifunctional spaces are not only convenient for you but will also be attractive for prospective home buyers.

5. Invest in Quality Finishings

High-quality finishing details are incredibly underestimated in custom home building. From doorknobs to light fixtures, these elements often help create the ‘wow factor’ for your home and give it charm. The best part is that high-quality finishing are often built to last the test of time, meaning they’ll continue to look great and function properly for years to come. That’s a benefit for those staying for the long haul as well as those looking to sell in a few years. Modern home buyers love to buy turnkey homes; the fewer things they have to update, the better.

6. Partner with a Reputable Custom Home Builder

An accomplished and reputable home builder knows exactly how to build lasting value in your custom home, whether you intend to sell it eventually or stay for good. Choose a home builder in Columbus with a long-standing reputation for building quality homes that stand the test of time. 

For over 60 years, Bob Webb Custom Homes has earned the reputation as central Ohio’s #1 builder for this very reason. If you’re ready to create a custom home in Columbus that fits your definition of ‘value’, choose Bob Webb as your partner. No matter what you plan to do with your custom home, Bob Webb can help you create the home of your dreams with lasting value.

Ready to get started? Reach out today!

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