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Our Process

We work with you to make your dreams a reality. We have many great lots within and outside of neighborhoods. Don’t know where you want to live? Our team will help you find the perfect lot for you.

We get to know what you want in your home and walk you through a few under-construction and completed homes. Photos and floor plans you like are always welcome. We want to dive deep into the best flow for you, your family, and your budget.

We get to know your design style and itemize your pricing with all the trim details and extras you want. We want you to know everything that is included in your home.

Once your pricing is finalized, you are ready for the contract. We require a pre-approval letter and only a 5% deposit.

Meet one on one with our designing experts at Jack’s Appliances and Signature Cabinetry to select your appliances and design your cabinets throughout your home.

This exciting step is done at our Design Center located in Lewis Center. Our Designer gets to know your style and helps guide you the whole way.

Your Construction Manager will be communicating with you throughout the entire build and answering any questions you have. We encourage clients to visit their homes regularly to see the progress.

When construction is complete, you will walkthrough your home with your Construction Manager. The ultimate inspection is done by you.

Your keys are handed to you, welcome to the Bob Webb family!

We want to ensure you are completely satisfied so we have a 90-day and a 1-year walkthrough with our Warranty Manager. We encourage you to stay in touch even after 1 year of living in your new Bob Webb Home!

Ready to build a custom home?

With Bob Webb Homes we make it easy. Whether on your own lot or in one of our neighborhoods, Bob Webb Homes is there every step. Our team will guide you through every detail for your next dream home. Once pricing has been presented and the contract has been signed, our designers will work with you at our Design Center as you decide interior and exterior selections. Customer plans are reviewed by the Production Manager and home construction begins. Our Production Manager provides communication throughout the entire build process. Once completed, there is a final walk through and closing. Move in and enjoy your beautiful dream home.

We welcome you to the Bob Webb Family! After closing our warranty department provides support, answering any home questions that may arise.

Our Craftsmanship

After over 60 years of building custom homes, we know how vital fine craftsmanship is to the finished product. That’s why we work closely with premier craftsmen in the area to produce solidly-built, beautifully-appointed homes that win awards from industry experts and discerning customers alike.

Once your design and location are finalized, then your home begins to materialize – on paper and through a series of meetings with our talented design professionals and selected contractors.

Our team works on each and every site with one unwavering mission – to build the best custom home on the block. From foundation/basement to framing, from drywall to insulation, from roofing to electrical, the craftsmanship continues throughout every step of the construction process. As the home moves along, rest assured that quality will be maintained under the watchful eye of your personal project manager.

Our carpenters’ exceptional skills shine throughout, reflecting Bob Webb Homes’ commitment to build the best.

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