The Pocket Office

Life-friendly Spaces Exclusively from Bob Webb

A pocket office can pop up in the most unexpected places.

Under a staircase. In a niche off the kitchen. Tucked away in a closet. A Pocket Office needs just enough space for whatever you want to do there – like plan, think, organize, file, research, work, play or relax. It can be small but fully loaded with a built-in desk or storage to make every square inch count. With as little as 5’x8’ of space, we can make it happen.

If you can dream it … we can build it.

Ask for it by name: The Bob Webb Pocket Office.

Create a Pocket Office (or two!) and customize as you like it:

  • Choose a convenient spot – all you need is a little space 5’x8’ or larger
  • Add built-ins for desk, files and storage – make every square inch count
  • Don’t forget lighting and electrical – essentials to make your office work

Questions, Ideas on your next home?