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Eight Reasons Homeowners Love Open Floor Plans


Open floor plans have become increasingly popular over the years for many reasons. Homeowners enjoy the extra light, extra space, and more. As custom home builders in the Columbus area, we’ve helped create countless custom homes that incorporate open floor plans. In this post, we’ll look at the top reasons Columbus homeowners love open floor plans and share ways you can benefit from them in your own home.

What is an Open Floor Plan Home?

An open floor plan home includes one or more large, open rooms that have multiple functions. One of the most common open floor plans combines the kitchenliving area, and dining space, creating one large space to relax and socialize.

Eight Reasons Homeowners Love Open Floor Plans

Let’s look at some of the most common reasons why homeowners love open floor plans.

1. More Space

An open floor plan provides functional square footage because fewer walls separate rooms. In modular homes, the kitchen, living area, and dining area are typically separated from one another. However, with an open floor plan, these rooms are all connected, meaning no unnecessary walls and more square footage in each room. Homeowners enjoy using statement furniture to draw the eye and create stunning visual effects with the added space.

2. Better Light and Airflow

An open floor plan has better light and airflow than other floor plans. Your home feels breezier and more well-lit because there are fewer obstacles preventing light and air from moving throughout the home. Natural light can permeate the home more easily, making the home feel wonderful and cozy. Bright and airy open floor plans feel modern and luxurious.

3. Easier to Entertain Large Groups

Large groups are much easier to entertain in an open floor plan home. Instead of partitioned rooms, guests are able to mingle in one large room. Heading to the kitchen for more snacks doesn’t have to feel like you’re leaving the party–instead, you can continue conversations and stay part of the activities.

4. More Energy Efficient

Because air moves much more freely in a home with an open floor plan, these homes are much more energy efficient than others. Heating and cooling an open space is much easier to do compared to several separate rooms and allows for a much more consistent temperature throughout the home. Additionally, open floor plans tend to let in more natural light, reducing the need to turn on lamps until evening falls.

5. Home Feels Bigger

Homes with open floor plans feel bigger than they actually are due to the lack of walls and doors separating spaces. Bob Webb Homes’ architecture team excels at defining living spaces with ceiling details rather than traditional walls and doors. An open floor plan can absolutely open up the space so you feel like you have ample room to live. Open floor plans are often easier to transition into when downsizing from a larger home for this exact reason.

6. Seamless Connection to the Outdoors

For nature lovers, an open floor plan can provide a seamless connection to outdoor spaces. Patio doors can be open wide, especially in cooler months, to increase space and allow easy transition between the indoors and outdoors. Dinners on the patio become simple affairs, as you’re able to transition from the kitchen to the outdoors with ease.

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7. Improved Flow

An open floor plan can improve the flow of your daily routines. Because there are fewer doors and walls separating rooms, you can move freely throughout your home. Likewise, you can feel more connected to your family in an open floor plan. Members of the family can still spend time together, even if one is cooking in the kitchen and the other is watching television in the living room.

8. Better Real Estate Value

Open floor plans are highly coveted in the housing market. They are modern, attractive, and bring the added benefits mentioned previously. When planning the home of your dreams in Columbus, be sure to incorporate an open floor plan. If you ever plan on selling down the road, an open floor plan will absolutely increase your home’s value.

Home Sweet Home

An open floor plan can improve the value of your home as well as the quality of living within the home. When designing the home of your dreams in Columbus, consider partnering with Bob Webb to create a beautiful, functional open floor plan that compliments your lifestyle.

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