The Heart of Any Home

A Place to Prepare

We often talk about our Messy Kitchen, an innovation many of our competitors have been copying since we introduced them to the Columbus Market in 2016.  But let’s not overlook how beautiful and functional our actual kitchens are!

When you’re working on your next holiday meal in your Bob Webb home, take a moment to think about all the features we’ve included for you… and how well the space flows!

How do you use your kitchen?

A gathering place for family

A place for the kids to work on homework

Serving space for your football party

A place for a quick bite to eat when you’re on-the-go!

Enjoy your morning cup of coffee

Cooking & baking, of course!

Featured Kitchens

Below, we’ve prepared a collection of photos of some of the favorite kitchens and kitchen features we’ve built in the last year or two.  And we’ll be adding to this page as we complete more.  As you enjoy looking through this gallery, be dreaming about your future kitchen. When you’re ready to build the house around that dream kitchen, let us know and we’ll get to work on it!

Questions, Ideas on your next home?