Simplified Living

More want to's. Less have to's.

Welcome to the Simple Life.

Forget about downsizing. It’s simply not your style.
Why not think about Simplified Living instead?

With Simplified Living, less is definitely more.
That means more time spent with family and friends, traveling, entertaining and doing the things you want to do.
And less time mowing, and shoveling, and doing the things you don’t.

Customized. Private. Community-focused.
It’s life as you know and like it.
Just without the mowing and the fuss.

So…what exactly is Simplified Living?

It’s living large. It’s not cutting back. It’s living life your way with more time for leisure, fun, traveling, entertaining, visiting grandchildren, meeting neighbors and whatever you like to do. It’s your own big, beautiful custom-built Bob Webb home created just the way you like it – your dream kitchen, your outdoor living space, your first floor master suite, plus all the decorative choices and touches you love. It’s living in a community where neighbors wave hello and you can walk to nearby shops and restaurants.

Ok really, what makes the living “simplified?”

No more lawn care or mowing grass! It’s all done for you, on a regular basis. What that means is you can forget about the lawn and start living life instead. You’re no longer a slave to mowing, fertilizing, trimming, and other lawn care woes. Tired of shoveling snow in the winter? Snow is also handled for you. Driveway, and sidewalks are cleared of snow over 2”.

Live your life, worry free.

With Simplified Living you can lock and leave, travel at will, winter at your second home and know that lawn care and snow removal will handled on schedule and with the utmost care. Just put the mail on hold and no one will ever know you’re gone.