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Pantry with Panache: We Call it the ‘Messy Kitchen’


If you’ve been watching the newest kitchen trends, then you know that the butler’s pantry is making a glorious comeback. Go ahead, Google it right now … you’ll see that walk-in pantries are bigger, better and more in-demand than ever. And to that we say, “Yay!”

At Bob Webb, we’ve lovingly dubbed our version the ‘Messy Kitchen’. Why? Because it’s so much more than a pantry… it’s actually a separate kitchen/pantry room where you can keep the coffeemaker out, stash the takeout boxes, prep the party trays and get as messy as you like. Just shut the door, and ta-da – your main kitchen is clean as a whistle and nobody has to know what went on behind closed doors.
When you custom design your ‘Messy Kitchen’ with Bob Webb, you’ll want to totally personalize it for the way you want to live. No idea is too big or too small.



Let’s start with the must-haves – floor-to-ceiling shelving for all manner of food storage, stockpots, soup tureens and oversized platters; gorgeous cabinetry with open and closed storage and roll-out organizers; sleek stone countertops for extra durability and never-ending prep space. Of course, you’ll want a prep sink, a second refrigerator, and maybe even a second dishwasher. And don’t forget about drawers… lots and lots of them for all those knives, whisks, and countless gadgets you tend to collect.

So those are the essentials … now let’s think about the fun stuff. What about a temp-controlled cooling unit for your favorite wine and spirits? How about a roll-out baker’s station with pull-up mixer shelf and custom storage for all those tools/bakeware/ingredients? Perhaps some custom cubbies for your cookbook collection or the family heirloom china? How about some deep slide-out drawers for all those small electrics… or some shallow ones to preserve the family silver? Or why not line the entire room with floor-to-ceiling shelves, then add a wooden rolling ladder for easy access, just like in the movies!

OK, so now let’s think about how things should look. Should it match the main kitchen… look totally different… or be a hybrid of both? Should it blend harmoniously with the main kitchen’s floors, countertops and cabinetry? Or should it look more ‘pantryesque’ and vintage with charming touches like a wrought iron pot rack, schoolhouse lighting, or rustic brick accent walls and floors? Take a look at and other online sources and you’ll be amazed at all the options and ideas for the way your personalized pantry can function and flourish.
Get those creative juices flowing… your wish is our command!
One Bob Webb Messy Kitchen comin’ right up.

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