Bob Webb Craftsmanship

At Bob Webb we don’t just talk about craftsmanship, we deliver the goods.

Year after year. Home after beautiful home. We know how vital fine craftsmanship is to the finished product. That’s why we work hand-in-glove with some of the finest craftsman in the area to produce solidly-built, beautifully-appointed homes that win accolades from industry experts and discerning customers alike.

Finishing touches – every detail matters

The devil is in the details, as the saying goes. And that’s where Bob Webb shines. Once your design and location are finalized, then your home begins to materialize – on paper and through a series of meetings with our ASID-certified design professional and selected contractors.

From Foundation to Rafters

At Bob Webb we still “build ‘em like they used to.” With the same attention to ethics and standards that have served us well for the past 60 years. Of course building codes and materials and techniques continue to change, but we still come to each and every site with one relentless mission – to build the best custom home on the block.

From foundation/basement to framing, from drywall to insulation, from roofing to electrical, the craftsmanship continues throughout every step of the construction process. As the home goes up, you can be assured that quality will be maintained under the watchful eye of your personal project manager. As a matter of fact, we invite you to drop by your home site anytime to see how your home is progressing.