Bob Webb's Messy Kitchen

Hiding the mess has never looked so good!

The Messy Kitchen

Your parents may have called it the pantry or the butler’s closet.  But Bob Webb has helped that concept evolve into an innovative new design.  No longer a dark closet full of shelves, we offer the Messy Kitchen.  With shelves and cabinets for storing, counter tops for preparing, and a door to hide the mess.  Each Messy Kitchen is built for the family that lives there, so some may have a sink, while others have a wine cooler, microwave or dishwasher.  Whatever part of the kitchen is loud or messy, we can stash it out of sight, making entertaining fun again!


Pocket doors, Barn doors, traditional doors!

Counter tops, Cabinets & Shelves

Beautiful finishes and classy design

Lighting galore!

Whatever you desire!

Dishwashers, Microwaves, Sinks

Wine coolers, Coffee makers, and more!

Spotlight Feature

From a place to stow regularly used appliances (like the coffee maker and the kitchen mixer) to a place for all the snacks for the kids, Bob Webb’s Messy kitchen keeps the clutter out of your entertaining space and in a beautiful and functional room for your family. Complete all your messy, flour coated cookie prep, and keep your main kitchen looking like the set of an HGTV show–unbelievably clean!

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