Neighborhoods in Olentangy School District

About the School District

When you build a Bob Webb custom home in Lewis Center, Ohio, you’re setting up your child for success in the Olentangy Schools. Olentangy Local School District has been noted to be one of the best in the entire state of Ohio.

Olentangy Schools takes pride in excellence from elementary to high school. The U.S. News and World Report ranks all three high schools in Olentangy Local School District in the top 5 best high schools in Central Ohio and all of them were ranked nationally. Olentangy Local School District offers 21 Advanced Placement courses at the high school level.

In Olentangy Local School District, no two Bob Webb homes are exactly alike. We have hundreds of options to choose from, but the real reason our homes are special is because we give you the tools and flexibility to create a home that is uniquely you. From design, to construction, to finishing touches we’ve spent more than 55 years perfecting a process with beautiful results. Just ask any of our satisfied customers and they’ll tell you, “nobody builds a custom home quite like Bob Webb.”

No matter which neighborhood you choose, Olentangy Schools will be the foundation for your children’s future, just as your new home is the foundation for yours.