The Family Foyer

Life-friendly Spaces Exclusively from Bob Webb

When the family comes and goes, they need boots, backpacks and parkas at the ready.

The Family Foyer keeps it all in check … with cubbies and charging stations and customized touches for your busy brood. You decide what you want and how you want it done, then we’ll customize your family-friendly launch pad so all the muss and fuss is contained, organized, and here’s the best part … out of sight!

If you can dream it … we can build it.

Ask for it by name: The Bob Webb Family Foyer.

Customize your new Family Foyer with niceties and necessities like:

  • Designated cubbies – the perfect place for books, backpacks, shoes, more
  • Charging stations for electronics – a single place for plugging in and charging up
  • Shoes and boots all lined up – a place to keep footwear cleaned up and out of the way
  • Open and closed storage – keep board games, sports equipment and etceteras organized
  • Grab-and- go coat hooks – coats, scarves and hats are neatly hung and ready to go
  • A hangout for Kitty or Fido – designate a sleep spot or plan storage for pet food and supplies

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