Advantage System App

Track Home Building Progress Anytime

Get real-time info and updates
anywhere, any time

When you’re building a new home, you become part of a well-defined process. Permits, framing, windows, roofing , electrical, etc. all have a natural progression with their timing and action …and we’re sure you’ll have a hundred questions for your building team as the process gets underway. That’s par for the course when you’re building your dream home.

  • Track the progress of your home 24/7
  • View calendar of expected start/completion dates for tasks
  • Get real-time updates about delays/weather conditions
  • Check for scheduled/rescheduled meetings and events
  • See updated photos of your home as it progresses
  • Share photos and info through Facebook, Pinterest or email
  • Communicate with project manager or key team members
  • Submit/receive approval for change orders with ease
  • View selected choices room by room – paint, cabinets, flooring, etc.
  • Set up To-Do lists as reminder of various tasks in building process
  • Receive guidance through the selection process
  • Set up notifications for cell phone use

Smartphone convenience – there’s an app for that.

Sign up for our app for your mobile devices and take full advantage of The Bob Webb Advantage System. You’ll not only have updates and info at your fingertips … you’ll have them in your pocket. Available on the App Store and Google.